Welcome to H.Wills Designs

     This site is the home for the creative portfolio of Heather Wills. She specializes in print and web design. Feel free to have a look around. If you are interested in her services or collaborations, please feel free to contact her. Her resume is available on request.


Heather's Approach to Design

     My design style as a whole tends to favor solid colors, organic shapes, and few key graphics as opposed to a montage of imagery. I feel design is, above all, about communication, therefore I often focus my efforts on legibility and clear messages. I approach design like a puzzle, first asking the questions of "who is it for?" and "what is it meant to achieve?" Taking into account the requirements set by the client, I build a world around the product, considering its potential use and reuse. I like my designs to be versatile and often build into my logo, layout, and product designs opportunity for variation but to still have a sense of unity.